tisdag 1 november 2011

Join The 5x11 Project!

5x11 is a photo project and a documentary of what was going on 11 november 2011, 11:11am.
No matter if you are sitting in a business meeting, climbing a tree, watching a football game, ordering a hamburger or spotting a celebrity. 
Just show us what´s going on!

Feel free to join the project, just do as follow:

1. Take a picture or two of what´s going on right where you are. You have got exactly one minute to take your pictures (11:11am 11 november 2011). 
2. Rename your pictures and add the name of the place of where you took it following by 5x11 
( eg Piccadilly circus 5x11.jpg ).
3. Post your picture in the 5x11 group on Flickr.com . Add the tag 5x11 if you want. You can also email the pictures to 5x11.project@gmail.com and we will post them in the 5x11 group on Flickr.com.

Its not necessary to post or email the pictures immedeately. Just do it as soon as you can.
Please ask your friends to join the project. The more participants the merrier.

Disclaimer: When emailing pictures to the 5 x 11 project you give permission to post them in the 5x11 Flickr group due to the terms of conditions on Flickr.com and you garantee you are the author of the pictures you are emailing. The 5x11 project team is free to not posting your pictures in the group if the pictures is against Flickr.com terms of conditions

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